Eliorah's Hair & Body
Website Design

Role: UX research and design, UI design.
Market and User Research, Data Analysis, UI/UX Design - wireframing, prototyping

Project Overview

With a view to learning how to use Adobe XD as part of my coursework for the Google UX Design Certificate, I decided to create a responsive website for Eliorah’s Hair & Body a business my sister and I started in November 2021 that provides natural hair and body friendly care formulas at an affordable price.

a open laptop computer on a desk next to a lamp and plants

The Problem

Eliorah’s Hair & Body needs a online platform to present their products to their increasing customer base as the move on from initial market testing 

a mobile phone screen showing shop page of proposed Apple Music App design

The Goal

Create a responsive e-commerce site that builds on the current branding for the company and makes it easy for customers to use.

User Research: Opportunities


This website design should make the process of finding and buying products easy and simple to use. Also keeping the language of the company in mind

Customer Reach

As an SME, Eliorah has previously only done business directly with family, friends and select customers. It is essential for their expansion to make purchase easy for current customers and expand to attract other customers not in their immediate locale. 


a young african woman, smiling, with curly hair in a white blouse and brown blazer
34, BSc., Lagos Nigeria, Yoga/Fitness Instructor

Ada is a fitness instructor who is cousins with the owner of Eliroah’s. As she is moving to another state, she needs a simple way to make orders from Eliorahs that do not cause eye strain as she cannot use computers for extended periods of time. She loves Eliorah’s products and talks about them to her friends.


A series of rapid fire sketches were done until I settled on a design that had the best features and solved issues pointed out in usability tests.

User Research: Findings

2 unmoderated usability studies with recorded click paths, survey questions and usability scales were conducted and adjustments made to the design based on user insights.  

The screen only shows a few elements at a time - requires too much scrolling 

Entry points for flow not clear enough 

Better layout overall 

Cart summary page needs to be better laid out 


Working within the existing branding guideline for Eliorah’s, I worked on creating an clean interface with internationally recognised icons and a neutral colour scheme. Images are a big highlight but accompanying text was properly considered.

an apple desktop and 4 floating screens showing what the website will look like

User Research: Takeaways


The proposed design is good and in line with the brand’s look and feel and received praise from the owners. However, accessibility especially with respect to the colour scheme needs to be reconsidered. Phase 2 will focus on this after a proposed brand redesign has been completed. 

What I Learned

The shopping experience is easy to complicate - trying to cater to every single possible customer need often results in a design that makes it difficult to navigate. A simple site - even if it seems too 'quiet' can be powerful in its reach when considered correctly.

See Process Book for more details

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