Memorial Stones
App Design

Role: UX research and design, UI design.
Market and User Research, Data Analysis, UI/UX Design - wireframing, prototyping

Project Overview

As part of coursework for the Google UX Design Certificate and based on the biblical concept of memorial stones and pillars for commemoration or remembrance, this app aims to be a digital method to help users note important life events to keep track of things to be grateful for.

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The Problem

Physical gratitude journals are easy to lose track off in our fast paced world and non-dedicated phone alternatives don’t quite cut it. Existing phone apps have limited functionality and cater to only certain demographics. 

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The Goal

Create a journal app that can be used by a wide range of people and is simple, easy to use and fosters a communal setting.

User Research: Opportunities

Dedicated App

Instead of using note apps or separate Christian gratitude journals, users want to be able to write all their journal entries in one app.  

Adding References

Users want an app that allows external references for entries.


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25, O Levels, Lagos Nigeria, Front-End Engineer

Kamsi is a frontend engineer at a start-up in Lagos who grew up in a very Christian family. He moved to a different part of Lagos for work and doesn’t get that constant fellowship he had at home. He recently joined a church near his new house.  

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33, MSc., Plateau, Nigeria, Architect

Mimi lived in Osun State, Nigeria with her husband for the last 6 years but moved to Plateau State, Nigeria last month. She started a new job at a prestigious architecture firm but she sometimes feels lonely in a new city and self-conscious about her work.


I considered a number of layout options for the journal and looks for different features - calendars, entry pages, tabs. The final design optimized for features that were universal, simple and kept the design uncluttered


Once the prototype resolved user concerns from previous studies, Work on the visual design was next. The concept of a pile of stones as a marker is present in a number of religions and belief systems and I wanted to ensure this was reflected in the design. The colour scheme was chosen to project a meditative state and handwritten typography was selected to emphasize the ‘journal’ function of the app. 

a gray background with 4 phone screens showing proposed memorial stones app

User Research: Takeaways


This first iteration fulfills the requirements I set out at the beginning - it is simple, appeals to a religious and non-religious demographic and features a community feature.

What I Learned

I would like to further develop this sometime soon - the colour contrast could be a lot better and I also want to explore an enhance community feature on the app.  

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